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Everything happens for a reason…and now I know the reason!!

Life keeps on surprising you, some are shockingly unpleasant news and some surprises are so unnerving that you cannot imagine something that wonderful can be happening. In past couple of weeks, I have learnt one crucial lesson, or maybe it’s two: first, never let your faith in Allah waver and second, be patient. My elders […]


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The Healing Process!

People say this all the time that pain tends to go away eventually, but somehow that is very difficult for me to accept. Maybe the raw wound that initiates the pain tends to heal from the outside, but there remains a deep ache that keeps on reminding you of the raw pain that you went […]

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Bought My First New Car!

I am so excited today, because I have reached one of my biggest milestones of my life.  I bought my first car!  And I cannot be happier.  The amazing part about this is that this car is MINE, and it feels just great to say that repeatedly.  I spent half of my day at the […]

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Pretending To Be Someone You Are Not!

One of the things that tick me off are the people who I would describe as Wannabes’.  I mean why you want to become or pretend to be someone you are not at all.  It gives out a weak image of one person, because when they pretend to be someone else, it goes to show […]

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An Amazing Song ‘Jhoom’ by Ali Zafar

I think this is the most romantic song I have ever heard, and I just feel like listening to it over an over again!  The lyrics of the song are as follows: Ho ho maine tujhe dekha Hasste hue gaalon mein Bezar khayalon mein Husn ke havaalon mein Soni ke baalon mein Morni ki chaalon […]

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The Requirement To Change In Marriage.

I hear many people talking about how marriage requires change, compromises, both ‘parties’ coming to the middle ground to work the relationship.  I completely agree!  However, I would like to emphasize that the change, compromise, and coming to the middle ground is expected from both husband and wife.  If only one is doing it, then […]

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Watching you walk out of my life…

I just read this wonderful quote, and I was like that this perfectly aligns with my thoughts at this moment…so I decided to share it with all the readers of my blog… “Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love.  But rather makes me realize that if […]