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6 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who is Divorced.

Divorce is never easy. But it’s the reality for 50% of American couples and 31% of American Muslim couples.  With these statistics, you’re likely to have friends or know people in your community who have been divorced or are currently experiencing a divorce. Divorce is often a time of monumental hardship and change. Many people […]

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Salah: Life’s Forgotten Purpose

Man has taken many journeys throughout time. But there is one journey that nobody has ever taken. Nobody—except one. On a vehicle no man has ever ridden, through a path no soul has ever seen. To a place no creation has ever before set foot. It was the journey of one man to meet the […]

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The Assassination Of Salman Taseer Could Have Been Avoided.

I thought about this a lot, and I came down to this conclusion that whatever happened was wrong, but it could have been avoided.  Religion is always a sensitive topic, and its surprising that everyone and I mean like everyone from the most illiterate person to the most prominent figure in the media is talking […]

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