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UPDATED: Japan’s Earthquake – Ground Swaying and Water Spouts.

This was moments after the initial quake, in Makuhari, near Tokyo.  Not significant damage, but video of ground fissures moving and water spouting up from the ground.  Makuhari is on created land — out of Tokyo Bay — so this is unusual behavior to see the water come up through the ground.  It was so […]

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Tsunami in Japan!

I know that there are many videos out there of the tsunami…but this is the freakiest video I have watched so far!  Click on the link below to watch it yourself: Scary video of the Tsunami in Japan

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The Earthquake In Pakistan.

Allah (S.W.T.) please have mercy on our country.  Pakistan is already suffering from many disasters, such as the devastating floods from last year and the economic and political unrest nowadays.  I just hope that Allah (S.W.T.) does not test our nation any further, instead these ordeals and hard times should end soon, so that Pakistan […]


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