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My Poor Ayaan…

This week several different revelations dawned on me. So much had happened in these few days that I do not know where to start. First and foremost was that how helpless you as a parent feel, when your beloved child is going thru an excruciating pain. Ayaan’s first two lower teeth decided to pop out […]

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Baby In A Bag!

I wanted to know how it feels to carry a Chihuahua in a bag…and of course my baby is a such good and much better substitute for that 😛  The following picture shows how my Ayaan easily adapts to different surroundings, whether that be a bag or a box 😉

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Busy Life of a Mom!

The day just flies by and I do not even realize it.  I mean the week just started, and it is already Friday.  I always heard the phrase that being a mommy is a full-time job, now I understand how true this is.  I have a loving family, who helps me a lot, but still […]


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