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Osama bin Laden Getting Killed!

Talk about pressurizing Pakistan with this claim of housing Osama bin Laden in a mansion in Islamabad… Maybe the U.S. is not happy with the amount of drone attacks they are doing in Pakistan. By using this tactic, I think they are trying to increase the number of these attacks! Advertisements

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Dissolution of HEC.

So the dissolution of HEC (Higher Education Commission) back in my home country, Pakistan has created a lot of hype and tension amongst the people, especially the students who at this time are enrolled in universities.  This step that the government has ended up taking, is not a step forward instead it is a step […]

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I am still proud of the Pakistan’s cricket team!

Ok so I was extremely mad and disappointed right after I found out that our team lost…but then all these facebook statuses made me feel very ashamed. I should stand by my team, no matter what happens. After all, they did extremely well compared to the other teams in the tournament. I am very proud […]

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The Victory Will Be With Pakistan, InshAllah!

I am Afridi. I am Imran. I am Wasim. I am Waqar. I am the final at Melbourne. I am the final at Lord’s. I am the last ball at Sharjah. I am the inventor of the doosra. I am inventor of the reverse swing. I am the Sultan of Swing. I am the nightmare […]

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Sheila, Munni and Pathan!

One of the cheesiest quote I heard regarding the Pakistan vs. India match on Wednesday in Mohali: Beware Indians, your Sheila is jawan, Munni is badnaam, and our captain is a Pathan. Haha lol :p

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UPDATED: Japan’s Earthquake – Ground Swaying and Water Spouts.

This was moments after the initial quake, in Makuhari, near Tokyo.  Not significant damage, but video of ground fissures moving and water spouting up from the ground.  Makuhari is on created land — out of Tokyo Bay — so this is unusual behavior to see the water come up through the ground.  It was so […]

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Tsunami in Japan!

I know that there are many videos out there of the tsunami…but this is the freakiest video I have watched so far!  Click on the link below to watch it yourself: Scary video of the Tsunami in Japan

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