Everything happens for a reason…and now I know the reason!!

Life keeps on surprising you, some are shockingly unpleasant news and some surprises are so unnerving that you cannot imagine something that wonderful can be happening. In past couple of weeks, I have learnt one crucial lesson, or maybe it’s two: first, never let your faith in Allah waver and second, be patient. My elders would always relay this advice to me, which I will translate in English: ‘The fruit of patience is always sweet’ (I hope I did a good job in translating). I was sick and tired of listening to this, I mean they are not the ones who have to be patient, and live and suffer the hurt I was feeling…so what would they know. But oh god, one thing I never thought was that this fruit can be so so so SWEET…yummy! 

When everything seemed bleak, I kept on thinking that this test that life has given me will keep on demanding more sacrifices and compromises, but one thing that I never thought of was being accepted as a whole person, without any change whatsoever. 

Even now, when I say it…I feel so exhilarated!!!

Now I want to live! When I go to sleep at night, I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to see what another good news it brings me, to feel how much more I’m falling in love, to know how more close I’m getting to the people I care about, to realize in how many ways I can be praised.

I knew that everything happens for a reason…and I now know the reason, and I can’t be more happier. Things break or relationships fall apart so that you embrace better things and come close to new and better people. Bad things only happen, so that when the storm passes away and good things start happening, you don’t take them for granted, and realize their true worth. Now that I know what an amazing life awaits me, I actually wouldn’t mind braving through the dangerous storm I went through, several times, because it all ends with a new beginning that promises a life full of happiness and love.



  1. #1 by shazreshahid on March 31, 2013 - 7:43 am

    Love this sarah, i am so so happy for you! masha Allah say. May Allah always give you the strength and courage in life and always keep you and your family happy insha allah ameen.

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