Dissolution of HEC.

So the dissolution of HEC (Higher Education Commission) back in my home country, Pakistan has created a lot of hype and tension amongst the people, especially the students who at this time are enrolled in universities.  This step that the government has ended up taking, is not a step forward instead it is a step backwards.  It clearly shows that it is not doing anything to progress in this exponentially growing global economy.  Because of all the hype created by this un-called action, a colleague has responded by writing a letter to President Zardari.  I would like to share that letter here, and want it to spread as fast as it can, because I want this to get attention, since this is how Pakistanis are feeling right now:


Dear Mr. President,


I hope this note finds you in your yellow pajamas and red tee so that you don’t look anymore ridiculous reading it. In fact, I hope this note finds you in a place where you are trying to appease your dead wife. I won’t be sorry if it does find you in your grave. I won’t even be surprised if it found you in her grave trying to find any evidence of the original will. Anyhow, the purpose of this extremely random rant is that it somehow finds you.


Sir, you are a joke of a president. In fact, I’m insulting “joke” by comparing it to you. You, sir, are an extremely dim-witted, morally corrupt, socially inappropriate, ethically blind and physically challenged president. The sooner you become victim of a suicide bombing or an assassination, the better it will be for the nation. Although, even if you somehow manage to die, I know that your equally dim-witted, morally corrupt, socially inappropriate, ethically blind and physically challenged son will take over the reigns of his long-lost sultanate.


Anyhow, coming to the topic of this rant, I’ve heard that the monkeys that you call your cabinet have decided to disband HEC. Sir, killing your wife was one thing but killing the future of so many future students of Pakistan can not be pardoned. You, Sir, are an idiot of the highest order and it gets proven over and over again. Just how this nation has managed to elect you as their president remains the biggest mystery to me.


Sir, the privileged few like you can send their children abroad for their higher education, but please step out of your delusional bubble and realize that most of the Pakistanis can’t afford that. May be you think that the quality of education in Pakistan has shot up dramatically under your highly effective reign, but let me remind you it has not. May be you should ask your beloved children to come back and study at any government educational institute. Then you’ll realize how things are.


May be there is a hidden altruistic reason behind all this. May be you’ve disbanded HEC to reduce their budgetary burden from the national exchequer and want to finance all the students from your unlimited supply of highly dubious funds. Sir, if that’s the case, please let me know asap. I will withdraw all my earlier statements. Pigs will fly. Misbah will win a match against India singlehandedly. Mosquitoes won’t bite humans. Ijaz Butt will resign. Zuckerberg will convert to Islam and Bill Gates will pay off Pakistan’s debt.


Hope you get this note in your grave,


Till then,


Your loving citizen.


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