New Experiences!

Another experience I had was that this week I went to the court, because I had a court hearing for myself.  In the past 7 years that I had been driving, I never once got a ticket.  And when I do get a ticket, there are THREE traffic violations tickets together, and I had $2,000 fine to pay for that.  Of course, the police officer scheduled a court hearing for me to do what little I could to defend myself.  So for the past one and a half months, I had been fretting over the court hearing, and what to do if I were to be ordered to pay that fine.  However, when I went there, it felt like I was fussing about this entire thing for no reason.  There were many people present there, with the same case as mine.  Anyways to cut the story short, I got my fine down to $400 from $2,000, and I could not have been happier.  All I have to make sure is that I get no ticket for the next 4 months, since I am under court supervision.  But I am glad I went through this, now I have experience with cases like this, and I also know that these tickets are overly priced, which means I should start becoming a responsible driver rather than being a jungli (wild) driver. J

Even though I was extremely tensed with this court hearing, I still managed to take out the time to go to a concert.  It was of ‘Crystal Castles’…when I went there I had no idea who they were or what songs they had.  The only reason for going there was to find out how it is to be in those kinds of concerts.  Let me just put it this way, that was the first and the last concert of that type I will be going to.  One should go to these concerts only if they enjoy drinking, sweaty people dancing around you, and having to stand around strangers with no amount of distance between you and them.  I cannot think of any reason why people would be interested in going to these concerts if they do not enjoy these specific activities.  I would rather have the songs of a particular band blasting off in my room, or in my car while I am driving, while hanging out with the people whose company I enjoy.

One more thing that got me wondering was that why people are so much into smoking weed.  I seriously do not get what kind of thrill they get from it.  I hear that it makes you feel relaxed, and forget about all your tensions for a while.  But seriously, is that the only approach available in this world, to forget for a while that you are depressed.  The worst part is getting addicted to it, I mean getting addicted to anything is harmful, it shows how weak you are, and that you have given up the control to the choices in your lifetime, because you are not strong enough to control your wants and desires.  And for no logical reason, one tends to make a want into a need, which usually ends up screwing your future later on.  I personally think there are many more activities to be involved in, rather than wasting time on something, for which you know in the back of your head, that it is wrong!


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