My Poor Ayaan…

This week several different revelations dawned on me. So much had happened in these few days that I do not know where to start. First and foremost was that how helpless you as a parent feel, when your beloved child is going thru an excruciating pain. Ayaan’s first two lower teeth decided to pop out on last Saturday. On top of that, the worst thing ever happened to him. He broke his arm! He got a cast on his arm on Thursday. However, Ayaan is doing well at this moment, he is faring better than what I expected. I was thinking he will become very inactive…but a broken arm still does not stop him from trying to stand up and walk with support. I guess that is a good thing! In the beginning, I would keep on feeling guilty, as to what an irresponsible mother I am, but I am getting over that now. These things will happen, I would just have to try my best to avoid it, and if it still happens, I would have to learn how to manage it. I think that is what parenting is called.

I just hope one good thing comes out of this, and that he becomes a left-handed. I am praying fervently for that! I guess, once he grows up, he will boast about how cool he was that he got his first cast when he was just 8-months old 😉 Yes that is my baby, I just wonder what a troublesome child he will be in the future if he is like this at this age. One thing is for sure, life sure will be interesting with having him in it.

It was just last night that I realized what a HUGE responsibility, a child is, and this is just a minor problem compared to many major problems that him and I will be facing in the future. But then isn’t that life? I guess it will be best to take one step at a time, and to tackle the problem as it comes along. There is no point in fussing about something that one is not even sure if and when it will happen. Moreover, in such a young age, I have made some life-altering decisions, faced the harsh reality of life, and lived through one of the darkest moments of my life. But I see all of this as a process of preparation by Allah, to be stronger and braver to face problems and just life generally in the future. Back to Ayaan, I just hope he gets better soon, we are there with all the ointments just standing to his avail, and I pray the pain eases for him.


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