Bought My First New Car!

I am so excited today, because I have reached one of my biggest milestones of my life.  I bought my first car!  And I cannot be happier.  The amazing part about this is that this car is MINE, and it feels just great to say that repeatedly.  I spent half of my day at the Toyota showroom today, and finalized the deal, and had the keys to a brand new, magnetic gray metallic, 2011 Toyota Camry in my hands. 🙂

For some of you this might not seem like a big thing, but for me this is a great achievement.  It feels great to have this sense of independency, knowing that I am becoming strong in many ways, emotionally, mentally and financially.  I just have this fear of being dependent on others for anything, and I am trying to lessen that as much as I can.  When I got the keys in my hand, I could not help but remember some of the taunts I used to receive from people that I don’t like to think about, on how lucky or well-off I am that I get to use their luxury cars.  Now I just wish I had the opportunity to tell them, that even I am capable to afford and drive around my own car, but these are all materialistic things, and what matters more is the love and care a relationship requires.  These loving relationships never asks to make one feel as if a person is been done a favor if he or she is been treated nicely by the other.


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  1. #1 by liean on March 20, 2011 - 4:18 am

    You’re lucky you got a car!!!
    I’m not even allowed to get my license yet!!

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