Pretending To Be Someone You Are Not!

One of the things that tick me off are the people who I would describe as Wannabes’.  I mean why you want to become or pretend to be someone you are not at all.  It gives out a weak image of one person, because when they pretend to be someone else, it goes to show that they are not mature or confident enough to accept the person they are.  Everyone is good and different in a unique way, and one should embrace themselves for who they are.  That is the first step in going towards the goal to make others like and accept you for who you are.  Even then, if some particular people do not appreciate the greatness about you as a person, well then forget about them, because they are not worth your time at all.  The people who fail to see the goodness in another, happens only because those people are going through an identity crisis themselves.  Moreover, if we tend to stay with them longer, we start going through the same thing…it is a vicious cycle!  Therefore, to avoid catching this ‘virus’ try to get away from these people…who have the tendency to hurt you.

But take a tip from me, if you are ashamed about a characteristic of yourself…then first try not to be embarrassed about it, but if it’s obvious that it is something that you can live without, then get rid of it.  And if both of these approaches don’t work, then admit it to yourself that it is a lame habit you have, and when others make fun of you, just go ahead and laugh with them.  That will change the dynamics of the situation.  People will find you to be a good sport; a person who is capable to laugh on jokes based on your own self.  For example, I can be extremely lame at times, ruin jokes by saying the most stupid things.  So what do I do…I laugh together with others when they start laughing at me.  This in itself shows, that I am confident enough to laugh at myself…knowing that it does not affect me much.

No one is perfect; everyone is born with several qualities, but also with numerous flaws.  When you flaunt off your qualities, make sure you do so by embracing your flaws…that shows that you are human after-all, not some god in the making, who imagines oneself sitting on a pedestal with people all around, worshipping you.  Just ponder on this for a while, would you want someone to love you by worshipping you, or would you want to be in love with someone who you can stand next to, be proud of your significant other, and that other can be proud of you at the same time.  That when you both get together it would be like as two halves coming together to form one.  Trust me; one will never achieve this kind of amazing bond by one being exceedingly superior to the other, which would require the act of worshipping to enter the relationship.

I really hate this about myself, what topic I start with, and then end up going off-tangents, and start talking about another random topic.  I just had to scroll up to see what I had started with…hmph!

Anyways, all I want to say is be yourself.  Do not be ashamed of yourself, because you know what you were born this way.  As Lady GaGa so eloquently puts it in her new single, read the following, believe it, and preach it!  :p

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don’t hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way, yeah!


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