Ayaan turns 8-months old today…

I am amazed at how fast babies tend to grow into kids, then teenagers and in no time they will be full-grown adults.  I see Ayaan growing big so quickly, that sometimes I wish I could just stop the time and keep him like this forever – so little and innocent.  The world is a scary place, and I am scared to the core of my heart when he will grow up so quickly and would want to venture out in this strange world, where there is so much cruelty, greed, ignorance, unscrupulous people living all around us.  I do not say that there is nothing good out there either, but it is so tightly mingled with the bad, that sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate between the two.

I just hope and pray that I and my family do our best to make my son, Ayaan so strong that he would be able to face all the hardships that Allah might have set for him in the future.  Sometimes when I start talking like this…I think to myself how old I sound when I’m JUST 24.  Oh well, life tends to make one old and wiser way before their age.

Anyways, my Ayaan turned 8-months old today, and it seems like time is flying by so fast.  He never learned how to crawl, which I wished the most, since crawling babies look so adorable.  However, Ayaan has different plans!  All he does now is lift himself with the support of chairs, tables, whatever comes in his hand and he tries to WALK.  This is a baby who is just 8 months old; his grandmother predicts that he will start walking from 9-months.  And trust me, it is a scary thought!  Just imagine a tiny little baby just walking next to you holding your hand, it is even more bizarre because everyone in my family including me are tall, so you can just think how funny it would look to have my tiny Ayaan walking next to us.  He has started doing his baby talk now, which is always funny to listen to.  He says ‘tatatata’ a lot.  If someone comes home or is leaving, it is always tatatata.  It is quite adorable!

Everyday he surprises us with a new thing; we all look forward to the next day thinking what he will do next.  I never wanted a boring baby, and I am glad he is not boring from anywhere.  Then the experiments me and my sister do on him, tends to keep things interesting all the time.  Therefore, I will share with all of you an experiment I did on him by enclosing him in a box.  The story I have made with the following pictures and their captions, is done just for fun.  He actually had a lot of fun, and ended up playing in the box for over half an hour, so please do not call the child services on me 😉 I am not a zalim Maa (a mother who tortures) as some of my friends call me, I just try to make his and my life a tad little more interesting.

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  1. #1 by shazreshahid on March 31, 2013 - 8:01 am

    uff sarah such cute pictures!

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