‘A Proton’s Affliction’ by Amber Memon

A creative poem written by my sister, Amber Memon.  It is one of her finest works…and I thought I should share it with all of you on my blog site.  So here is goes…

A Proton’s Affliction


Oh electron,

Hear me out on this song.


Or a poem,

Whichever one you might want to call.


In the nucleus I am trapped,

Since our fates have already been mapped.


I am required to live with the neutron,

Yet at the same time act like a proton.


My siblings don’t like me here,

And repel me with all too much fear.


I just can’t seem to ignore the facts,

You and I must meet at last.


Feeling the pull of your negative charge,

Gives me hope that one day we won’t be apart.


Our opposite charges will attract,

Causing our bond to remain intact.


When that heavenly day comes,

I’ll be ready to neutralize and become one.


Till then, my love shall prevail,

While I wait for you to no avail.


Except for balancing out our weight,

And keeping together the atomic state.


I shall watch you from afar,

So very far from where you are.


Oh how my heart aches!

I just pray for it to abate.


I must not dwell,

Since time will only tell…


Whether I shall feel well,

Till then, I bid thee farewell.


– Amber Memon


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