False Justifications.

I personally consider myself an Existentialist, strongly believing that Existence precedes Essence.  A man can easily differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.  This differentiation is done by using one’s brain, and by seeing, observing and adapting to the norms of the society one lives in.  Therefore, it is safe to assume that a man exists first, realizes who he is, knows and adapts to the world, and then makes a place for himself in it – that would be his essence.  Whatever decisions or actions one takes, he is solely responsible for it.  Therefore, if one decides to commit something wrong, it goes to show where his morals & values lies, and that he is responsible for it.

People know what is wrong and what is right, and I personally think everyone strives to be the best person out there…in their own way.  This ‘own way’ is what creates the problems.  I have witnessed so far in my short life, that people are highly capable to falsely justify their actions to be morally and ethically correct, even though they are just plainly wrong.  By doing these justifications, they somehow make themselves believe that what they did is completely right, put the blame of their wrong actions on others, and once they start believing that, all they have to do is make others believe in that ‘truth’ too.  There can be two reasons for this, the first one being that everyone is extremely smart to do this type of feat quite effectively, or the second one being that one does not have a strong conscience.  I believe that the latter is true unfortunately.  It seems like that everyone has this outwardly face that they have created and reserved for the entire world to see, however, everyone has a dark side hiding inside them waiting to be unleashed at the most inopportune times when the person becomes weak enough to carry on the façade he has created, any longer.  Sometimes this dark side can take a person to unmatched heights of gaining power, but for many of them it is the cause of their doom in life.


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