Life Is A Fatal Kind Of Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Life is the most fatal kind of sexually transmitted disease. The worst part is that no one can avoid it, everyone is ‘plagued’ by it. But then it’s just how the patient suffering from ‘life’ perceives it. No one knows when the suffering from this disease ends. For some it ends fairly quickly, but there are many who live with it for a long time. The symptoms for this STD are many…e.g. Feelings, emotional outbursts, laughing, crying, anger, love, hate, tackling unusual or difficult situations, living through and moving on from a traumatic situation, and many more along the lines. If at times these symptoms and signs show up in large amounts and patient can’t take it anymore, it might result in other diseases or even death. However, the ones who manage to tackle and control these symptoms, end up suffering a lot more of ‘life’. There is one element to this disease, that no person has yet found a reason behind what causes the end to life in some particular cases and that is fate. There are times when suddenly a person stops living due to unexplainable reasons, which can be the externalities of the environment one lives in.

There is no cure for this disease, everyone is infected with this and eventually dies from it, for some it takes no time, and there are others who live longer than expected. The treatment of this is solely based on how one perceives this illness. Everyone knows that they will die from it, so what one can do is live to the most in whatever unknown time you have in this world. Either you make it a quality time, or quantifiable time…it all depends on the patients’ perception and the level of optimism they have towards this most talked about illness- LIFE.


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