A Simple Idea Worth Big Bucks!

I came across a friend who has a friend who has a friend who while being a druggie managed to become an owner of $7 million.  It was quite simple…he had an idea!  He was the type of a person who was wasting his life living in his basement and doing all different sorts of drugs.  Then one day he had an idea, and for some reason he decided to go to those patenting companies and get his idea patented.  After two weeks, the patenting company to let him know that a big corporation was willing to buy his idea called him in.  The big corporation was McDonald’s Corporation and they were willing to pay him $7 million to buy his idea.  Now you may ask what his idea was…Well, one day while sitting he thought how great it would be that the paper bags that these fast food restaurants used were to be produced with a pocket inside them, which holds a specified amount of napkins in it already.  This will reduce the chances of a server forgetting to put napkins in the bag for the customers, and it will also reduce the time that a server takes to serve the customer by cutting down on the seconds it takes to reach for the napkins and putting it in the bag.  A simple idea, is it not?  Moreover, he was paid that much for it; I just hope he spends it wisely.


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