Viva la Revolution!

Let us make this year of 2011 for REVOLUTION!

It’s time now, too many people have suffered, too many people have given up their rights, everyone deserves to live the life the way they want, and it is time that we fight for it now.  Tunisia was brave enough to take the first step and surprise the world by revolting against the government, for not providing the life that they were entitled.  They caused the President who had been in that position for more than 23 years to flee the country; that’s the power the people of the country have when they come together to fight for a cause.  Next came Egypt, and the young generation is out on the streets fighting for their life and rights, forcing the dictator who has been ruling for more than 29 years to leave and resign.  Now in line is Yemen, who has joined the action of protesting against the government, the President taking the easier route is slashing the income tax rate and several other things, but the Yemenis are making it clear in their revolution that they will settle for nothing less that the President leaving his position.

Lets fight to make lives not only better for ourselves, but for the generations to come after us, for our children.  This is no time to sit and be engrossed in our busy lives; instead, we should take steps by coming together as one and fighting for the right that we were born with.  I believe now is a very good time for Pakistanis to take some action.  This is the time where we should revolt against the government.  We do not want any Zardaris, Sharifs, Bhuttos, or Hussains.  We want a person, who instead of filling his bank account with as many dollars as he can, he or she directs the country in the right direction.  Yes, people will die, but at least we will die for a good cause.  We are dying anyways, by not having enough food on the table, not having electricity to live comfortably in our own homes, inflation rates skyrocketing, bomb blasts happening every alternate days, target killings.  This all has to stop!  It is time to take action!

Oh god, I want to be there when this revolution starts.  Let us make Pakistan the way we thought it would be when it was created.

I am so glad that I live in this time, to witness all the greatness happening around me.  The Muslim countries are waking up, we are done taking crap from the government, and we are tired of dying a little every day.  Now is the time to change, and we will fight for this change, we will fight for our right to live.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”  –JFK

“We will not be silenced.  Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, or an Atheist, you will demand your goddamn rights.  We will have our rights one way or another.”  – An Anonymous Revolutionary

I thought I would share this video with you…its very emotional and it is related to the Revolution in Egypt.


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