My 24th Birthday!

So it was my 24th birthday today…and it was just the way I wanted. Not to have something extraordinarily special or out of the world, but a memorable day I can share with my family and loved ones, to be remembered by those who care about me. And everyone in their own little way made me feel special, whether that might be with words, their actions, or a flower, or a card, or even a facebook birthday wish. It was also a cool day today which will not come again, because the date today was 1-11-11, and I made sure to make a special prayer at 11:11 am and pm. The best thing about this birthday was that it was my first birthday with my son, Ayaan…and I have so many more to go with him inshallah. My parents got me a gift-an accessory that I am obsessed with, watches. They know that quite well and got me an exquisite watch that I am excited to wear. Today I even found out that how old-fashioned the red roses have become, and it’s actually the yellow roses that brightens up your day. I was given cards that made feel special and made me realize that I have a whole life ahead of me to explore. The cake was made especially for me with so much love, and it got more tasty when I saw that Ayaan was feasting on it so enthusiastically 🙂

All these were small things done for me, but it was special because every ounce of it showed that it was done out of pure love. That is what I only need, want or desire – love. These things were not done out of formality, or out of pressure, but was done because they wanted to, just because that they wanted to show how precious and special I am for them.

I hope this year brings a lot more happiness, and it was already an eventful day because a good news had just come couple of days back, which promises that coming time will be filled with love and happiness…and I can’t be more excited for it.



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