Pleasurable Moments of Ayaan!

Its kind of weird to see that some particular things I end up doing to my son, Ayaan, and it gives him so much pleasure.  I don’t know, I just find it funny that me as his mother might know what he would find pleasurable once he grows up…and I mean in the ‘adult’ way…I hope you guys get it 😉 I try not to think this way, but I guess even after becoming a mother I cannot stop to think pervertedly, even if it’s for my own son.

Once I was just massaging his body, so that he will quiet down, and go to sleep, instead he got more excited and kept on laughing, especially whenever I massaged his thighs. That is his sensitive part 🙂  The way his eyes would light up and the confused look on his face not knowing what comes next for him, is so adorable to watch.

Whenever I come out of the shower, I always make sure that he plays with my wet hair, because he just loves doing that.  His delighted face is a sight to look at, he loves the wetness and the smell of the hair.  Of course, there are times when he pulls them hard, and I end up screaming…but all is good as long as he enjoys it!

He loves it when I massage or caress his scalp or hair, he has this soothing pleasure whenever this is done to him. Sometimes a good thing comes out of it, and that is when he gets calmed down and falls asleep.

He also gets very excited by looking at the sight of water. You can keep him in water as long as you want, and he will have no problem with it. If he is crying, sleepy, hungry, or just plainly annoying you, you can just put him in a tub filled with water, and all these problems will disappear. It’s like magic, he is flapping his hands in water, laughing, and playing with his floating toys. I sometimes wonder what if he becomes like an Olympic swimmer, like Michael Phelps…hey, a mother has a right to dream 🙂

Anyways, i just hope that Ayaan you will not hate me for this when you read it in the future. By then I am pretty sure you will find out what kind of sense of humor your mother has, and you will know that I did this all in fun…and you also know that I always will love you!


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