Busy Life of a Mom!

The day just flies by and I do not even realize it.  I mean the week just started, and it is already Friday.  I always heard the phrase that being a mommy is a full-time job, now I understand how true this is.  I have a loving family, who helps me a lot, but still this one tiny baby makes all of us do so much work.  You notice how one does not get time to do things that we liked doing before.  I have no idea when to study for my CPA, because I just do not get free time anymore (and I personally think I am just using him as an excuse for not studying).  Now things like, diaper changing, feeding him, putting him to sleep, has taken over my life.  They are menial sort of things when a person thinks about it, but to a parent its some of the most important things.  I agree its hard work, which I do not see it ending anytime soon, but it is so worth it.  Just knowing that he is your child and has been brought in this world by you, it all seems like…I do not know how to describe it, but I just feel very good about it.  Yes, I do get mad when I am trying to put him to sleep for an hour and he still goes on crying; your hands are tired of patting him on his back and your throat is dry from singing his favorite lullaby; however, that anger is all washed away, when he goes to sleep but while sleeping he reaches out for you and put his tiny, soft, little hands on your cheek.  That is when you realize how small he is, and how he is completely dependent on you for everything, just like at that moment, in order to feel safe he needs to know that I am there right next to him by holding on to me throughout the night.

Then comes another difficult task, and that is filling up his tummy with the food he likes.  But it is such a hassle with him, since he has the shortest attention span you will ever see in someone.  While feeding him, if he even feels like someone has just past by in the room, he has to see it himself as to what it was.  This leads to another delay of 5-10 minutes of regaining his attention back to his food.  Just today, we were trying to feed him his baby food; three people were needed to fill up his little tummy.  My sister had him in her lap rocking him, while my mom fed him, and I had two of his favorite toys in my hands, jangling them to keep him entertained.

Then there is one problem that my baby has, which ends up making it everyone’s problem.  When he is constipated or has colic pain, it is as if everyone at home is feeling sick, because we all are trying to figure out how to make it better for my little Ayaan.  It would have been so much easier if babies did not go through this problem, because this arises many other problems with his feeding patterns and lack of sleep or just plainly crying and screaming his lungs out.  However, once the problem is solved and all his junk is out, it is like heaven at home, and I mean that literally.  Everyone is doing their own thing, because the baby is happy now and playing on its own; these are some rare moments which I like calling tense-free times.  It is funny to see how the lives of everyone at home, with their different ages and lifestyles, have changed due to this little baby.

Ayaan has just started sitting now, and I cannot be more proud of him.  My family and I treat him as if he has climbed and reached the peak of Mt. Everest.  But this one feat done by him makes me think about all the feats that are still to come…and I cannot wait 🙂  This is just the beginning, and I am so anxious to see what is the next cool thing he will do.  Let us see when it happens…because I am waiting!



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