The end of world might be closer than we thought!

During the twelfth century, there was an Irish Catholic priest named Mael Maedoc,he was later sainted as Saint Malachy; he had a vision while he was on the pilgrimage to Rome.  In this vision, he was given the knowledge of all the popes who would come until the end of the world.  The description of 112 popes was recorded and kept in the Vatican Archives.  The way each pope has been described in this book has been oddly accurate, including the current pope, Pope Benedict XVI.  He has been described as De Gloria Olivae, the Glory of Olives.  The Bendictine order, from which the pope took his name, bears the olive branch as its symbol.  But the most disturbing part is that the current pope is listed as the 111th pope, which means according to the vision the world ends with the next pope.

Something to look forward to…


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