To hate is an art one masters with time. But what if, u want to hate someone so much but you are not able to, what can be the reason behind that? Is it that you still love them, or the selective people are just not important enough for you to waste that much energy to hate them. What happens if you take the course of hating? Most likely, you will become so angry by the end that you start planning on how to take revenge, if you can’t make them payback, you continue hating them and maybe even get jealous and get yourself sick with the fact that those selective people that you have designated to hate are not suffering the misery as much as you like. And what if the revenge works, by the end of it you feel like you have gained victory by avenging the crime done to you. But what then, would you just go on getting pleasure in seeing how much they are suffering and get happy about it. Is that the image that you really want to portray to the people you hate, that they are still important enough to you to determine your sadness and happiness? That somehow they still have control over what you feel?

I don’t think that’s a good idea…not good at all. The best revenge would be to not care at all. Give the impression that what these selective people do, does not make a single difference to you. We should just try to live our lives to the fullest, doing what we like best. Why bother making our precious life revolve around people who you don’t care about, or don’t like to be associated with. When one start to think this way, this world will be a much better place to live in. So stop hating and start loving. Live the life as you always wanted to, enjoy doing things that you always wanted to. Don’t give one minute to this feeling of hate, life is too short to spend precious time in hating someone. Believe and show that the crime done onto you, does not affect you at all, and that will be good enough for everyone….even yourself!



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