No worries!

Why do I feel so much…why can’t I be like cold-blooded, heartless and insensitive people, the people who did injustice with me. Why is it that the people who do injustice tend to move on to the next thing and forget about what they did so easily…why aren’t they the least bit remorseful about their actions. And why is it the people on who injustice has been done, so sensitive, can’t move on, or can’t believe that there are people with the capabilities of being so uncaring. Why do we keep on doing the same mistake of ‘hoping’ that no one can be that bad…and everytime you get to witness something that proves you and your hopes are wrong. No worries…I will prove it to everyone, that the ones who decided to leave me stranded alone with a huge responsibility in my hands, was one of the best thing that ever happened to me. It will be these heartless people, who will regret and realize the value of losing something that they once had…and now can never attain it even if it was the last thing on this earth.

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