Marriage – A Complicated Relationship

Marriage is one complicated relationship; everyone knows that, and rarely someone can actually understand and describe the intricacies of marriage. My dad once told me and this piece of advice just stuck to me…he said marriage is something where two people come as close to each other as anyone could, whether that’s emotionally, physically or mentally. However, at the same time this relationship is also the weakest, joined by a thread that can easily be broken anytime.

Later I thought about this, and actually understood how true it is. Even though this is a relationship where two people are very close to each other, but it still has the tendency to let small little things come in between, and cause one to doubt another, create misunderstandings, and at times break this relationship, given that these two people let those ‘small things’ come between them. It might be the case where those two individuals don’t even want to end it, but by the end they have become so weak individually that they give the privilege of holding that edge of thread to someone else, in other words the two people involved give the power to maintain the relationship to others; others, for whom this relation might not be as important and easily manipulate it to work it to their own advantage or to fulfill their own selfish desires or wants.

It’s true, that these two people are joined by this thin thread, but then it got me thinking that what can one do to make this bond stronger. What exactly makes a thin thread stronger? Well it’s a knot…isn’t it?!

Yes it’s a knot and even this thread of a marriage is no different, all it needs is knots.
A knot of appreciation…
A knot of respect…
A knot of trust..
A knot of friendship…
A knot of acceptance…
A knot of understanding..
A knot of support…
A knot of love..

These are the knots that can make the thread stronger…these knots can make the length of the thread shorter, which will make it more difficult to pass those ‘small things’ through it and also make those two different people holding the two edges of the thread to come closer so that nothing can come between them.

No externality can break them then…and that’s what makes a marriage work, thats what makes a marriage successful!


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