Is my truth same as your truth?

Each person is living their own reality. I can think of myself as a quiet person who enjoys my own solitude. But someone else might think of me as aloof. Each has its own dimension towards the aspect of truth. But what is the truth then? Is it a perceived thought or notion in one’s […]

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Everything happens for a reason…and now I know the reason!!

Life keeps on surprising you, some are shockingly unpleasant news and some surprises are so unnerving that you cannot imagine something that wonderful can be happening. In past couple of weeks, I have learnt one crucial lesson, or maybe it’s two: first, never let your faith in Allah waver and second, be patient. My elders […]


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My First Mother’s Day!

I wasn’t really expecting Ayaan to get me something on Mother’s Day, you know with him being so tiny and everything. But he is my baby after all, he managed to make my first Mother’s Day special by turning 10-months old today. 🙂

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Osama bin Laden Getting Killed!

Talk about pressurizing Pakistan with this claim of housing Osama bin Laden in a mansion in Islamabad… Maybe the U.S. is not happy with the amount of drone attacks they are doing in Pakistan. By using this tactic, I think they are trying to increase the number of these attacks!

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The Healing Process!

People say this all the time that pain tends to go away eventually, but somehow that is very difficult for me to accept. Maybe the raw wound that initiates the pain tends to heal from the outside, but there remains a deep ache that keeps on reminding you of the raw pain that you went […]

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Worst dream for Hindus!

I was just sitting with my cousins talking about Hinduism… And I suddenly thought about the following thing and wanted to share it with all of you here: Hindus worst dream would be reincarted as a Muslim… Hahaha lol 😉

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Contentment is not the fulfillment of what we want, but it is the realization of how much we already have. So recognize the people and things you have at this time, before it’s too late. It would be heartbreaking to realize the value of someone or something in your life that you always took for […]

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